"Think about a single end-user first"

Webit Design is a Indian web design company. Our offerings include Brand Strategy, Technology Strategy, Experience Strategy, Design Systems, Brand Design, Software and Digital Design, and Software Development. Within these offerings we provide both print and digital design, copywriting and technical writing, and consulting services in design and technology.

the principals of the firm utilize a “design thinking” approach. This “design thinking” concept means that no product—a print piece, a website, a mobile app, a software application—begins without us thinking about the end user first and working backwards from there. In a design approach, we begin with the question “What will thrill this specific person that we created this product for so much that they will tell everyone about it?”

At webit Design, we understand that a marketing strategy is crucial, but that is later in the process. At the beginning stages of product development, design thinking is crucial in differentiating a product. To that end, we pride ourselves on being great listeners.

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